Hiding behind a mask: Stan Lee and Elder Abuse…


Elder Abuse is a heinous crime. Protecting our old, our young, our infirm should be the foundation of any nation that claims to be a Christian one. It should be the foundation of any nation, period.

Sometimes it takes a celebrity to put a face on an important subject: Rock Hudson and AIDS, Glen Campbell and Alzheimer’s Disease … and Stan Lee for Elder Abuse.

From Wikipedia:

Stan Lee (born Stanley Martin Lieber, December 28, 1922) is an American comic-book writer, editor, film executive producer, actor and publisher. He was formerly editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, and later its publisher and chairman before leaving the company to become its chairman emeritus, as well as a member of the editorial board.

In collaboration with several artists, including Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, he co-created iconic comic book characters including Spider-Man, the Hulk, Doctor Strange, the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Black Panther, the X-Men, and, with the addition of co-writer Larry Lieber, the characters Ant-Man, Iron Man and Thor. In addition, he challenged the comics industry’s censorship organization, the Comics Code Authority, indirectly leading to it updating its policies. Lee subsequently led the expansion of Marvel Comics from a small division of a publishing house to a large multimedia corporation.


(Reprinted mainly from an article from the Washington Post)

When Stan Lee lost Joan, his wife of seven decades, last summer, he lost the one person he trusted to keep most of the financial predators, would-be scam artists and other sketchy interlopers at bay. From their Hollywood Hills home, she protected Stan’s interests and checked the barbarians at the gate.

But since her death of a stroke at 95, reports out of the Lee camp have become increasingly bizarre and alarming.

In January, the Daily Mail reported that Lee was accused of groping nurses who were working at his home; Lee’s camp denied the “false and despicable” allegations.

In February, Variety reported that Lee was briefly hospitalized, and the Los Angeles Times reported that the Marvel legend was battling pneumonia.

Then, in April, the Hollywood Reporter’s Gary Baum took an extensive look at the fighting figures close to Lee. They reportedly included his lone child and heir, J.C. Lee, who some insiders said has spent family money too freely, leading to an ongoing point of conflict; longtime road and convention manager Max Anderson; excommunicated caregiver/consigliere Jerry Olivarez; and memorabilia dealer turned Lee business manager/adviser Keya Morgan, who had befriended J.C. Lee.

“He’s in need of a superhero himself,” one Stan Lee friend told THR.

Now, perhaps the Los Angeles legal system will serve as that superhero.

The Associated Press reported Monday that Morgan was arrested and charged with recently “filing a false police report by calling 911 and saying burglars were in his house, when in fact two detectives and a social worker were conducting a welfare check on Lee.”

Then on Wednesday, a restraining-order application was filed against Morgan, 42, that accuses him of “taking advantage of Lee’s impaired hearing, vision and judgment, moving Lee from his longtime family home and preventing family and associates from contacting him,” the AP reported. A judge granted the order pending a July 6 hearing.

Also on Wednesday, as multiple outlets reported, court documents showed that the LAPD is investigating claims of elder abuse against Lee — an investigation that began in February.

Morgan was “taking advantage of Lee’s age to influence and isolate him,” attorney Tom Lallas said in the restraining-order request, according to the AP. Lallas served as Lee’s financial planner until he was fired in February.

Meanwhile, Lee has appeared in online videos — some published with a Morgan copyright line — that only complicate the picture. In a video published by TMZ in April, Lee denied accusations of elder abuse. And in a video posted to his verified Twitter account on June 10, Lee says: “If you can’t get me, call Keya Morgan. The two of us work together and are conquering the world side by side.”

As Deadline reported, Lee has said he made the video statements under duress.

Many of Lee’s friends, including in the comics and film community, have worried about him for months, especially as he has become more isolated.

Now, Lee’s case is gaining more open public scrutiny.


His lawyer has since released the following statement:

‘For approximately four (4) months beginning in February 2018, Detective G. Munoz (“Detective Munoz”), acting in collaboration with fellow colleagues in the Los Angeles Police Department (“LAPD”), has conducted an investigation (the “Investigation”) with respect to various events that have occurred (collectively, the “Events”) affecting the life and wellbeing of Stan Lee (“Mr. Lee”). In this regard, Mr. Lee signed under penalty of perjury on February 13, 2018 the Declaration of Stan Lee (“Declaration”) in which Mr. Lee expressed concerns regarding the intentions and conduct of various people as described therein. Based on the facts, documents and information Detective Munoz and others working with him have acquired and evaluated in this Investigation, Detective Munoz determined that in order to protect Mr. Lee, it was necessary to obtain an Emergency Protective Order (“EPO”) and, thereafter, an Elder Abuse Restraining Order (“EARO”) against Keya Morgan (“Morgan”). At the request of Detective Munoz and others working with him, the Los Angeles County Superior Court (the “Court”), issued an EPO against Morgan on June 11, 2018.

As a result of his Investigation, Detective Munoz determined that it may be necessary and appropriate, in order to obtain an EARO to protect the interests, health and wellbeing of Mr. Lee, to have a Guardian Ad Litem appointed. On June 12, 2018, Detective Munoz requested that Tom Lallas, Esq., a friend of, and lawyer who represented, Mr. Lee, agree to act as the Guardian Ad Litem, if necessary, and to seek an EARO, and Mr. Lallas unconditionally accepted this request. The Court issued an EARO against Morgan on June 13, 2018.

The objectives of Mr. Lallas, whether acting as a Guardian Ad Litem, seeking an EARO, or otherwise, on behalf of Mr. Lee, are to: (i) protect the financial, emotional, physical and mental health and wellbeing of Mr. Lee, (ii) help Mr. Lee preserve his assets and estate, and (iii) prevent Mr. Lee from being subject to undue influence, coercion, and/or control by third parties whether by bad actors, predators, or otherwise. In order to achieve this objective, Mr. Lallas is prepared to and will execute any responsibilities as directed by the Court in the pending matter.'”


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