27 Counties and counting!

Before I opened my own law office, I practiced exclusively in bankruptcy in southern Illinois. I did that for twenty years and over 5,000 bankruptcy filings.

The most obvious advantage is gaining more knowledge about the bankruptcy code and caselaw than an attorney that only dabbles in bankruptcy.

Another advantage is I only had to appear in one of two (formerly three) federal courtrooms.

A disadvantage is that I only had to appear in one of two federal courtrooms.

There are 102 counties in Illinois, 102 county seats and 102 courthouses (or court complexes).

Since I opened my solo office in April of 2016, I have appeared in 27 Illinois counties. On a whim I started keeping a map

IL counties


(Map courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000)

I have been to many more courthouses throughout the state: before September 11th, back when you were allowed to wander the halls and enter the courtroom as a tourist. Those days are, unfortunately, long gone.

I’ll be eventually writing 27 blogs (and hopefully more) describing the courthouses and the county seats in which they set; their history as well as what the towns are like now. From quaint and quiet towns to mid-size city court complexes; from thriving communities to villages long past their prime (most of them have still kept their charm notwithstanding).

If I can I will describe the history of the courthouse building itself. Here I need to ask your forgiveness: I am no architect and would not know a Federal-style from a Neo-Gothic (or even if such kinds of architecture even exist)! But I will try to describe the buildings as best I can – inside and outside.

Thank you for joining me on my travels!


About the author: Michael Curry of Curry Law Office in Mount Vernon, Illinois has helped thousands of individuals, family and small businesses in southern Illinois find protection under the Bankruptcy Code for almost twenty-five years. He is also available to help individuals and families with their estate planning (wills, power-of-attorney) and real estate and other sales transactions.

He is also the author of books on finance and bankruptcy available on Kindle through Amazon!

Whether you live in Centralia, Salem, or anywhere in Southern Illinois call Curry Law Office today at (618) 246-0993 and Finally Be Financially Free!


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