Finally Be Financially Free! Ebook available now on Kindle!

My Kindle book Finally Be Financially Free is available at Amazon here:  At only $0.99 it makes a great gift to your family or friends who might be suffering under the stress of too much debt during the holidays.

Debt can cripple you and your family financially, emotionally and physically.

It is hard to break even, let alone get ahead.

Pay rates are low, job security is fragile and health costs continue to rise. Some families are one paycheck away from filing bankruptcy. Most people have no emergency fund.

All it takes is even a temporary layoff or injury to fall into a financial black hole. While waiting for unemployment to start, that settlement to be disbursed, finding that new job or getting your new pay grade up to scale; you still have rent or a mortgage to pay, school costs and supplies to buy, utilities due and other expenses that won’t wait.

Breaking free of the financial black hole takes time and financial resources – things that most individuals and families do not have right now.

Fortunately, there are ways to break free of a financial black hole.

It is possible and you can do it. You can find the time and the financial resources.

Starting now!

I’ll explain the story behind the book next time.


About the author: Michael Curry of Curry Law Office in Mount Vernon, Illinois has helped thousands of individuals, family and small businesses in southern Illinois find protection under the Bankruptcy Code for almost twenty-five years. He is also available to help individuals and families with their estate planning (wills, power-of-attorney) and real estate and other sales transactions.

He is also the author of books on finance and bankruptcy available on Kindle through Amazon!

Whether you live in Mount Vernon, Salem, Waltonville, Woodlawn, Lawrenceville, Centralia, Louisville, Xenia, Grayville, Effingham, Dieterich, Vandalia, McLeansboro, Dahlgren, Albion, Flora, Clay City, Kinmundy, Chester, Sparta, Olney, Mount Carmel, Nashville, Fairfield, Cisne, Wayne City, Carmi, Grayville, or anywhere in Southern Illinois call Curry Law Office today at (618) 246-0993 and Finally Be Financially Free!

Curry Law Office Bankruptcy Attorney Lawyer Mount Vernon Illinois Centralia Fairfield Carmi


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